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Published on October 29th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Check on your Xbox Friends with 1337pwn Xbox


1337 Pwn, spelled with the numbers one three three seven, is an xbox live app for the iPhone that gives players the ability to check on the status of their Xbox Live friends and do much more. Although it is not sanctioned by Microsoft, the app actually has plenty of useful features that really help this app earn its place on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The app doesn’t give users the option to sign into their account but instead, let’s them access all public information about any user they add into the app. Adding a new Xbox Live user will show the gamer’s status and achievements along with the avatar they have selected.

There are two different versions of this app in the app store. The first one that I am showing you is the app that organizes contacts in more of a list view for quick viewing. The second is a direct emulation of the new xbox live experience complete with scrolling through panels. This one is great but I found it wasn’t that useful for checking online friends.

The app is free in the app store and has been available for a very long time. It has been receiving constant updates by it’s creator which improve the speed of the app but there are still options that I would love to see added like a refresh button or the ability to send messages within the app. This technically can’t be added though because of Microsoft’s restrictions. But overall it is definitely a useful app. Check it out.


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