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Published on October 7th, 2009 | by gaffer


Gravity Wave hits the iphone



Gravity Wave is reminiscent of those ‘don’t touch the sides’ games that started with wiggly metal bars which made a noise when you touched it with your metal rod and later became the basis for games such as Jupiter lander and gravity core on the Commodore 64.   In this incarnation on the iphone you take control of a small space ship (which actually looks a bit like the Commodre 64 logo) and guide its little inhabitants through 24 levels of gravity defying mayhem.

The aim of the game is to steer your way through deep and gloomy caverns collecting all of the floating canisters on route which in turn will activate the warp to the next level.  Along the way there are various obstacles to avoid and gates to open.  The sides are these caverns can be pretty unforgiving if hit at speed so care must be taken to avoid them.  Some respite is available in various power up points around the levels which top up your damage meter.

The graphics are a mixture of atmospheric 3D textured caverns and basic 3D modeling.  The levels look great, if a little samey at times but give a out of this world feel.  The ship and obstacles do look a little basic but they are clear and easy to see and differentiate.  Over the backdrop is a futuristic style HUD showing power, energy  and allow you to see the map uncovered so far and to pause the game.

The sounds start from a deep house intro  to ambient space and engine sounds when in the game which can be turned on or off in the options menu.

The game is controlled using the accelerometer and tilting the device directs your ship whilst tapping or pressing the screen powers your ship and stops the gravity dragging it don to its death.  It’s the ship thrust sensitivity which gives the games its different game difficulties which range from Rookie to Hyper, the former being a slow moving hippo of a ship whereas the latter gives you control of hyperactive mere-cat on a red bull bender making completing a level almost impossible.

This is the first game by Ideal Binary and overall, its more fun than you expect and although it might not stand up next to the likes of Alive 4 Ever or Monkey island; it is certainly a lot better than the wealth of drivel currently available to download.  The game play is simple, the graphics create atmosphere, the sound is polished and its easy to jump in an out of.  Currently on the App store at $0.99 its well worth a play and to find out how steady your hands are.

Looks:      Atmospheric 3D worlds, basic 3D modeling, Nice HUD
Controls: Easy to use but hard to master
Sounds:   Deep House music to ambient space SFX
Overall:   Simple concept and fun to play but needs online score and variation in backdrops

Get it from the app store here >>



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