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Published on October 7th, 2009 | by Foyble


iBlast Moki Review


iBlast Moki is a great physics based puzzle game in which you use bombs to move your little Moki’s from their slumber into a warp which we can only image leads to a much happier existence than the explosion filled one it left…

The controls are simple enough, you place bombs around the level and press the button to explode.  Two fingers can be used to zoom in and out and you can move around the level with ease by just pressing the scenery.  In the later levels you have timed bombs, ropes and much more to get that little sleeping ball into its goal.

The graphics are bright, colourful, and similar to Rolando and coupled with a cutesy soundtrack and little squeaks and cheers this game will make you smile for a long time.  And it will be a long time as there is also a level editor and sharing feature giving this game HUGE replay value as there could be tonnes of extra levels to play.


This game towers above its rivals as the levels are varied enough and it has the ‘just one more go’ factor which could keep you tackling a level for half an hour.

The level editor is easy to use and will be the making of the iphone’s very own ‘little Big Planet’.

Looks:          Rolando style simplicity with cute back drops and cuter characters
Gameplay:  Easy to use drag and drop with zoom, move and smooth moving level editor
Sounds:       A cute concoction of happy tunes, sweet yelps and soft sound effects
Overall:       An amazing physics based game with easy to get into controls but hard to put down playability.

Buy it now (its worth every penny) >>


Game play Video

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