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Published on November 20th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review – Santa’s Run

There’s something about Christmas that just feels magical. Even when you’ve outgrown the timeless Christmas stories and belief in that jolly old man in the red suit, thinking about the holidays makes you feel warm inside – despite the cold weather. Santa’s Run is the first Christmas application I’ve played this year, and it stirred up all those emotions in just the right way.

Santa’s Run is the right combination of easy to play but difficult to master. There are two main mini games that make up the application – Around the World and Endless Delivery. Around the World is a campaign mode where you play Santa. Your objective is to deliver presents to houses around the world -from Europe to Asia, the Islands to America. Santa’s a busy, busy man. The game will record your accuracy, but you have infinite tries to get the presents to the right house. This is definitely a positive, as my first accuracy was only about 20%!

What makes the app so difficult that I had a 20% accuracy? The premise is simple – fling the presents into the chimneys. Each chimney has a set number of presents that must go down it. The aiming and power are what is so difficult. I found that after a few tries, though, I caught on to the aiming. Your accuracy and scores will be reported via Open Feint, so that you can compare your scores to the rest of the world.

Endless Delivery is a really fun version that records the amount of presents you deliver in a row without messing up. Three houses will be shown, and one will be highlighted. You must deliver the presents to the highlighted house. Be careful though, because the highlighted house changes periodically! In Endless Delivery, you can choose which of the 4 levels you wish to play on. America is the most challenging, as there are far more houses there than any of the other locations.

If you’re looking for a fantastic application to put you in the Christmas mood, look no further. Santa’s Run is fun, challenging, and a bargain at only 99 cents. I recommend it to anyone looking for a little holiday cheer.


Developer Description:

Holiday season is upon us, and Santa needs your help to deliver gifts and spread Holiday cheer!

To deliver a present, touch, drag and release it from our colorful strength meter to throw the desired distance. (Don’t forget to take the wind into account!) The accuracy of your deliveries to chimneys and doorways worldwide is crucial to spreading cheer and keeping your score high. And, while playing either mini-game, enjoy our original, catchy Holiday jingles.

Easy to learn but difficult to master, enjoy this Holiday season by playing Santa’s Run. Track your achievements and compare your high scores on our global leaderboards. So, get into the Holiday spirit today and start delivering presents on Santa’s Run!

Santa’s Run features:
* Two mini-games (Around the World and Endless Delivery)
* Four colorful and unique background locations
* Original Holiday-themed background music and sounds
* Innovative and colorful strength meter to control throwing distance
* Varying wind conditions which affect each present’s path
* Open-Feint enabled
* Multiple achievements and local/global scores

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