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Published on November 14th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review – Chromodyne

Do you like games that mentally challenge you? Games like Concentration and Memory? If so Chromodyne is the game for you. Chromodyne is a game that mentally exercises your mind.

The object of the game is to move the spinning wheel, that is filled with multiple colored cubes, until the colors line up to match within a set amount of time. Once you vertically line up three or more matching colors, the colors fall down, and points are added to your score. Additional cubes are then added to the wheel for you to match up.  Sounds pretty easy right? Well, the difficulty comes when you’re trying  to match a certain color and there is not any cubes with that particular color.

To start the game, there are two player modes: Story Mode and Survival.  In Story Mode, the game appears to be a little bit more juvenile.  There are basically two cartoon characters discussing their plan to destroy planet earth.  It then takes you to a cartoon newscaster who is warning people of the dangers that have been posed.  In Survival Mode, you just jump right in and start playing.

You also have a settings option that allows you to change music volume, SFX volume, and allows you to totally mute the sound.  I enjoyed playing this game.  I didn’t realize how addicting it was until after I was tempted to play it while i was a passenger riding in a car to pass the time.

Serious gamers will not be as enthused with this game because it doesn’t have any ground-breaking graphics and is not a fast moving game.  The graphics don’t show off what the iPhone can do.  The background consistently stays black during gameplay, and the cubes shapes and designs do not change as you get to higher levels.   To make this game 1o stars, I would add more animation, the option to listen to your own music selection, and the ability to challenge opponents with the use of your iPhones bluetooth.   All things considered, I still recommend it.  It’s challenging and it’s a great time waster.  It’s just fun!

Developer Description:

As a Quantum Chromodynamic Cyclotron, or Chromodyne, operator, you are the last line of defense the Earth has against interstellar catastrophe! Should the planet become endangered by an asteroid, comet or some other Massive Extra-Solar Smasher (MESS for short) it is your job to use the Chromodyne to combine exotic matter, shooting it into the MESS and causing it to shrink and eventually phase out of our universe, thus saving the Earth from certain doom! The job isn’t easy (and quite possibly thankless) but saving the world seldom is.

Should there be no pending disaster, many a Chromodyne operator enjoys honing his or her skills by finding a rogue black hole and seeing how long they can keep it’s mass below a certain size.

Gameplay is a twist on the traditional match-three style, with 5 concentric rings made up of different colored shapes. You have to touch and rotate the rings and line up 3 or more of the same color and shape in a line going towards the center in order to clean up the MESS and add to your score.

Chromodyne offers two exciting play modes to keep you coming back for more:

* Story Mode describes the epic struggle between a pair of sinister aliens and you, the lone Chromodyne operator, who stands between the Earth and the MESSes that the aliens throw at it.

* Survival Mode pits you against an ever-expanding black hole. Keep it from growing too large for as long as you can!

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