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Published on October 29th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review: Sniper vs Sniper


Sniper vs Sniper is the realization of one of my most requested games for the appstore. I’ve always wanted to have a sniper fight vs another player and this game has given players the chance to do it. Kinda. The app plays like many games that came out before it by putting you behind the scope of a sniper rifle and letting you look around the level until you find your target and the scoping in to make the shot. Except this game let’s you work against the clock fighting another player online.

Both of you are trying to find the other person in the building first. After finding the player, you make the shot and score one point for yourself. So it really becomes who can spot and react faster. The controls are a bit “iffy” simply because you can change the sensitivity of the turns. The accelerometer is set at a certain rate and nothing can be done about it, though you can calibrate the device which is almost a necessary thing.

Overall, the game was a fun one to play for a while but eventually I had a hard time feeling like I was playing another human being simply because all the game is is reaction times. Being able to play a singleplayer mode and also online made for some great replayability so if this is your type of game go ahead and grab it. It is definitely worth the price being asked.




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