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Published on October 19th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Gravity Sling Now Free

GravitySlingScreenshot_02We’d only just announced that iPhone newcomer Riptide Games was ready to submit its debut App Store title to Apple when more Gravity Sling information started circling our news planet.

Riptide managed to slam the brakes on just moments before submitting the game, when it heard that Apple was now allowing micro-transactions and in-app purchases on free games.

In light of this exciting development, Gravity Sling will now be going free, offering a couple levels of space faring, orbital action to entice you in, and an option to purchase level packs from within the game.

Riptide Games needed to make a few adjustments to Gravity Sling for it to make use of micro-transactions, but it’s hoping this will only delay submission to Apple by a couple of days.

Ngmoco has already announced something similar with its highly anticipated online shooter Eliminate, and considering this unique revenue model has the potential to keep on giving back to the developer while simultaneously reducing piracy, we can probably expect a lot more games to follow suit.

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