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Published on October 15th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


iDrive Your Car


In Germany, a research team demonstrated an iPhone application that could control a mini-van. This app isn’t like the other car-controling apps before it; it doesn’t just unlock and lock your doors, you can do much more than pop your trunk and set the alarm off with it, and starting the engine isn’t even the main feature.

iDrive, by developer Appirion, can steer, accelerate and stop, and everything else it takes to actually drive a car. The iPhone accelerometer steers the vehicle, and the break and gas pedals are controlled with two touch buttons.

This has been done before with the PSP, three years ago actually, but it’s still pretty admirable to see it done on the iPhone. The PSP powered a Honda Civic through a Wi-Fi connection in the same way, which is pretty pointless.

As you can see, the mini-van is heavily wired for remote control and this app was for demonstration purposes only so don’t look for it in the App Store. But the iDrive shows potential. It could feasibly be used, James Bond style, to drive a car.

Check out the demo here.

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