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Published on October 5th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


ToMaCow Free Review


ToMaCow is a colourful and fun game where you play a farmer who is attacked by hordes of aliens wanting to steal you Tomacows.  With such a threat looming the farmer has no choice but to break out the tomoato gun and mow their aliens buts down.

The game uses the accelerometer to move the target to stop the alien horde.  You can also use touch controls to use special moves, blow up certain aliens and more.

ToMaCow Free offer around 30 waves to give you free taster of the full version.  In these waves you will see the variations of Aliens that the game has and the different things they can do.


So go out protect your farm and keep tomacow safe from alien’s attack.  I have added the video below to help make your decision.

Looks:      Great simple visuals that are bright, colourful and will appeal to the younger gamers
Controls: Again, simple accelerometer controls and the odd touch screen moment.
Sound:     None on the Free Version so I can’t comment
Overall:   Looks and plays like fun but limited appeal. Probably good to keep your 6-10 year old occupied for a while.


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