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Published on September 7th, 2018 | by AppTrawler


Could Your Apps Stop You Buying A House?

My phone is jam-packed with apps that do a plethora of functions from play music to manage my finances. Until recently I just saw them as entertainment, software to make my life easier and games and fill those bored moments. However, a recent study by Just Mortgage Brokers has shown that the combined collection of all my apps could actually be costing me a small fortune on a monthly basis. Whether I am organising a monthly Meet up, listening to music on Spotify, watching Disney Life or storing files on Google Drive, I am paying out without fully realising the total outgoings.

The research by Just indicates that whilst Millennials might be jokingly stereotyped as avocado-eating, beard-wearing, phone-obsessed, influencers, the subscription culture that surrounds them might actually be harming their ability to get on the housing ladder.

Check out the infographic below and see how many monthly subscriptions and so-called tools you use on a regular basis.
What Could Millennials Give Up To Save for a Mortgage Deposit?

Sources can be found at Just Mortgage Brokers

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