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Published on October 2nd, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Bongo Fever – Review

I’m beginning to think the ship has sailed with regards to breaking in as the “next big app” on iPhone or iPod Touch.  It seems that most of the big sellers are now established name brands.  However, one way to break into the top is by simply offering your game for free for a limited time (then make money via an advertisement that shows before going to the main menu).  This is what the creators of Bongo Fever have done.

The game itself is pretty simple.  You are a cartoon tribal native holding a bongo.  Someone throws pieces of food out of a tree house and for some reason the bongo you are holding is the only way to get the food into a cooking cauldron.  You have to keep the food bouncing on the drum until it gets to the cauldron.  If a food item drops, you lose a life.  If a non-food item makes it into the cauldron, you lose a life.

The game is cute and does have good graphics.  It’s certainly at the right price point, because I certainly don’t think I’d pay money for this game.  It simply didn’t keep my interest very long.  It’s somewhat mundane and redundant in terms of game play.

In short, if you want another free game to add to your collection, this one is fine.  If you would rather save the space, then pass.

Pros: Good graphics.  Free for a limited time.

Cons: Not very interesting as a game.

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