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Published on October 20th, 2009 | by Ian


Featured Review: Piyo Blocks


Piyo Block is a fun, stylish ‘match 3’ game with a pixel style look and feel which differentiates it from its competitors.   The premise of the game is simple; swap adjacent blocks, which in this case are little chirping bird blocks, to match three or more of the same color blocks to make them disappear.

There are three game modes PIYO MODE, HYAGU MODE & TIME ATTACK.  PIYO MODE is the standard game where you have to match a certain number of sets to level up and move on to the next level.  HYAGU MODE (as far as I could tell) had the user trying to get 100 blocks of similar colors together in order to level up.  The final game mode was TIME ATTACK which has you playing against the clock.  In each mode you can press the ‘tip’ button is you get stuck 3 times and if you are unable to move the board is replaced with a fresh set of birdy block heads.

The first thing you notice about this game is the look, it’s pixelated style and bright vivid color really gives the game it’s own polished style reminiscent of the retro Japanese puzzle games, and shows you don’t need 3D graphics or over the top visuals to make a good game.  The menu’s, options, in game scoreboards and screens are all well presented and follow the style and feel of the game.  The only thing I would add is the rules for the different game mode (especially HYAGU MODE).

The sounds and music are all fitting with retro Japanese shouts, fun bouncy sound effects and a retro house style background music.  Although they all fit very well, the music can sometimes get repetitive so you won’t miss it if playing on silent whilst in transit.

Overall, the game is really fun, additive and haa a great pick up and play value where you can challenge yourself in your own time.  The looks and sounds all work and bring the game together.  However, like most good games, I was left wanting more such as a survival mode, or special ‘power blocks’ which would give the game the odd jet of action.  But this said, its a solid puzzler which is sure to be added to in the following versions and would definitely be a recommended purchase for all the ‘match 3’ lovers out there.




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