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Published on October 13th, 2009 | by Foyble


Hopido Review

Hopido is  new puzzle game by Moido and is their first release for the iPhone.

The game tasks you with revealing all of the tiles on a board by using a defined order in which the tiles can be turned over.  You can progress by turning over most of the tiles however to successfully gain access to the harder levels you will often need to go back and complete earlier puzzles.  Progression of the game starts reasonable easily but soon becomes very difficult until you hit a brick wall and further progression is nigh on impossible.


The problem with this is that the game itself is just not gripping enough to make you stick with the learning curve.  With so many better iPhone games available, I soon look upon it as an extremely linear and with a difficulty curve to match the throw away gameplay this is an app I would avoid.


Having said that, the game comes in at a great price and for lovers of puzzle games there are certainly worse.


Looks:       Rather dull and samey, all menus are easy to navigate however and the simple gameplay does not require anything great.
Controls: Perfect for what is required with no issues..
Sound:      Perfect for the game.
Overall:    An overall disappointment personally, but for the puzzle game lovers who don’t mind paying out the well priced 59p this is not a bad option. I would also place this game above any of the poor free games that litter the app store at the moment.

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