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Published on November 10th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Mini Golf 99 Holes Theme Park


The MiniGolf 99 Holes Theme Park app for iPhone and iPod touch is a fun game that offers comic characters and challenging gameplay. Play like Tiger Woods and challenge your way through all 99 Holes and prove you’re the best.

You will start with the Gold rating and it eventually decreases depending on the number of strokes taken, golden tickets and stars collected as well as the number of times the ball hits the edge of the course. When the entire course is cleared, a new character gets unlocked and be added letting you switch the players. Every character has their own specialty. Each course has its own features that makes each level tricky and challenging. Be sure to read the ability of each character and find out for which course they are best suited for.


The only thing that somehow kills the game is the movement of the camera that doesn’t follow every hole of the game together with the stroke meter which regularly covers up the location of the hole. The controls somehow fall short on the direction of the balls as well as the power meter is too fast when tapped. It also takes time to load the game. Mini Golf by Digital Chocolate again is a great iPhone game of speed versus precision which makes it a total fun despite of minor setbacks.

Sample the lite version of Mini Golf 99 Holes Theme Park on your iPhone for free.

Here is a video demo of the Mini Golf 99 Holes Theme Park app on the iPhone

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