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Published on April 9th, 2010 | by AppTrawler


Plants vs Zombies HD


Plants vs Zombies HD is an app created by veteran casual game maker PopCap. It is an upscaled version of the iPhone version made for the iPad. The game is essentially a tower defense game which pits your own homegrown plants against an onslaught of evil zombies. As you progress through the game, you will collect new types of plants to counter the growing variety of mind-munching monsters attacking your door.

You will utilize the long range peashooters, the explosive cherry bombs, the sunshine-producing sunflowers, and many more. In order to produce more plants, you will have to collect sunshine that falls from the sky or plant sunflowers to produce extra resources. The game begins with only one row of attacking zombies but as you grow in experience, the game will expand to 5 rows of mayhem.


In later levels, the placement of various plants becomes key. New types of zombies will attack quickly or become extremely difficult to take down.

Overall, the game is a great mixture of cartoon fun and solid strategy. It offers enough difficulty to keep you guessing and the adrenaline pumping but it also brings a relaxing experience for anyone to enjoy. The graphics and sounds are absolutely at home on the iPad making this the absolute best way to play the game. It’s priced higher like most iPad games, but I think it is definitely worth it. Check it out.

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