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Published on November 16th, 2009 | by Ian


Review: Fogey Fu


Fogey Fu by Fundane is a side scrolling beat-em up with a great concept.  You pay an ageing warrior fighting his way out of  a hospital, you must battle through level after level of orderlies, nurses, doctors and more.  You start the adventure by naming your Fogey or using the name generator to pick one for you which is a nice touch.  Once named you choose a difficulty level which includes ‘Grasshopper’, ‘Apprentice’ and ‘Fogey Fu Master’.  At this point I would recommend starting on Apprentice as you might just complete it first time on grasshopper.

In the game you control your old fart by a simple left and right arrow and you attack via three buttons, a kick, punch and by spinning your stick.  I can only assume that spinning your stick is a defensive move as it did nothing to the enemies and its not explained in the gameplay what it does.

To be honest, the gameplay was the biggest let down and half the time you didn’t know if you were hitting the enemies and eventually you have to walk over the top of them to register a hit.  The levels are repetitive and the enemies on the surface look ok but their two frame animation cheapens the whole game.

As I said in the beginning, this is a great concept and probably makes a fun flash game but the development is rushed and really needs to be have had more time spent on it. If they want to warrant the price tag they will need to update it soon with a lot of work.


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