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Published on November 19th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review: iPuppy Chihuahua


iPuppy is simply the best virtual pet application for the iPhoneGet a lovely 3D Chihuahua on your iPhone! Everyone loves Chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog in the world. Chihuahuas are smart, active and open minded. Enjoy being a good friend to your lovely Chihuahua:- Full 3D lovely Chihuahua, with real puppy actions and dynamic motions- Touch your puppy and play with it- Feed you puppy with food and water.- Take a shower and touch it to make a lot of bubbles.- Pet your puppy using your fingers.- Want to make your lovely puppy even prettier? Buy clothes for it!- Change the look and feel of your entire room.- Take your puppy out for a walk.- Don’t forget to let your puppy sleep when it’s tired.Game features:- Watch your puppy grow bigger, smarter and stronger.- No top-limit on $, earn more money and buy more clothes.- Choose the color of your puppy.- More options for your room decoration.- More and better looking clothes.- More and funny toys.- Wide choice of items for care and play.- Name your puppy and change it anytime.TIPS: Don’t worry about not enough virtual $ to spend. Stay longer and play with it more, you will be always rewarded. Also check other puppies on We present your the “Elf” – Chihuahua, the “Guardian” – Husky, and the “Old Mr.” Schnauzer.We are constantly working hard on developing the iPuppy series by adding more interesting stuff. New breeds, toys, foods, events, friends and much more!!


Admittedly, I’m a dog person.  However, I don’t own any pets due to the high cost of maintenance and my mortal fear of dog poop.  That being said, apps like iPuppy Chihuahua work perfectly for me.  The fact that it is currently being offered for free in the app store makes it work even better (yes, better than perfectly).

If you don’t like Chihuahuas then iPuppy World offers more dog choices, but that will cost you.  The game is pretty simple.  You take care of a Chihuahua and interact with it and watch it grow.  You can even name the puppy.  I gave it a name that can’t be repeated on a family blog.

At each level, you earn $500 to buy things for the puppy.  There are indicators about how your puppy is feeling and your relationship to it.  You can even give the puppy a bath or take it for a walk outside.  You win when your puppy is all grown up and loves you.

I only have a few minor complaints: First, the game is tough to learn.  I also don’t like the placement of the menu selector (you have to tap the sides to get to them).  Second, the panning that occurs when you swipe your finger doesn’t stop when I want it to.  Finally, the white fade that occurs between “scenes” is somewhat distracting and annoying.

Other than that, I think this is a great app for puppy enthusiasts who don’t actually want to own a puppy (possibly even due to allergies).  At the current price, I don’t see how people could not download this.

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