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Published on October 7th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Slots’O’Fun – Review


From Whatsoniphone

The graphics are good, but the motion of the spinning wheels is very choppy and takes away from any sort of “real” feeling you could possibly get from the game.  The developers could stand for some better 3D motion graphics.

The game play is identical to any classic slot machine.  You start with 100 credits.  You can bet 1, 2, 3 or 5 credits depending on the button you press.  Certain combination win you an increase in credits (that would translate into money if this were reality).

Another problem with the game lies in its very simplicity.  Many slot machines I know of allow for other winning combinations if you put in more money (such as if you get all 7’s on any of the three visible rows or even diagonally).

If the developer wanted to go a step further, the game could be developed into a mini Vegas with video poker and other gambling video mainstays.  It could be a virtual app casino.

Sadly, SlotsOFun is what it is and what it is needs some work.  There are other apps out there for the same price that offer more in terms of gambling practice.  I recommend trying them first.

Quick Take

Value: Low
Would I Buy Again: Unlikely.
Learning Curve: Low.
Who Is It For: Slot machine addicts.
What I Like: The game is cute and replicates the look of a slot machine nicely.
What I Don’t: Choppy animation.  Simplistic game unto itself.

Final Statement: Only for the biggest of slot enthusiasts.

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Developer’s Notes:

Slots O Fun Starts you with a $100 credit. Touch the bill acceptor to increase your credit by $100.Touch BET ONE to bet $1, $2, or $3, then touch SPIN REELS.Touch MAX BET to automatically bet $3 and spin reels.Shake the iPhone/ipod touch to place a MAX BET.3 Blue 7’s on the payline HITS THE JACKPOT ($7000)!!!

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