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Published on October 13th, 2017 | by AppTrawler


Smartphone Gaming Is Better Than You Think

If you have ever dabbled in the world of smartphone gaming, you might well have been surprised at the depths of it. Despite what one might assume, as it happens the smartphone is actually a particularly good platform for many types of game. Part of its appeal is that anyone can easily get into gaming, including people who before might have felt a little excluded. But that is not all that draws people into smartphone gaming. To delve a little further, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that smartphone gaming might be even better than you give it credit for.


For its size, the smartphone is an incredibly useful thing. When it comes to gaming, too, it is surprisingly diverse, and it is this potential for versatility which really attracts a lot of users. You don’t just have the apps to be working with here: with a smartphone, you can play all kinds of games, including many that you would traditionally associate with larger platforms. Whether it’s logging onto Unibet casino games on your browser of downloading an emulator for a classic 90’s console, the smartphone can do it all. This means that whatever your tastes, you can be sure of having them met – all in that little box in your pocket.


Of course, one of the very first characteristics that you think of when discussing the smartphone is the fact that it is mobile. This is great news, as true gamers will know that many of the best platforms are actually mobile. The Nintendo DS and Switch might still be at the top of the leagues, but you can’t discredit the smartphone’s ability to be truly mobile. Apple’s battery life put aside for a moment, having a handheld machine that is able to store so many games – which you can take anywhere you go – is definitely something of a gamer’s dream come true.


Most modern smartphones do a pretty reliable job of keeping up on the processing power, even with a number of memory-sapping applications open at once. This is great news for the avid gamer, given that it means you don’t have to worry about limiting your play time during a session. The only real annoyance could be when the phone becomes a phone again – in other words, a call or text comes through and interrupts the game. But for the most part, your games – even the most complex ones – will run without a hitch, and will do so at a pretty high speed too.

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The three reasons above are just a few of the many which explains why smartphone gaming is so much better than you might generally think. If you are still not convinced, it’s worth just downloading one or two of the most popular games and giving it a go. You might be amazed at what a great platform it can be, given a chance. And it means you never have to stop gaming, even when you’re on the go.

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