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Published on October 2nd, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Spybot Chronicles Review


The Spybot Chronicles is set in the same universe as the Toybot games that preceded it.  However the controls vary and are much similar to main stream platform games now on the iphone. There is a translucent left and right on one side and a jump on the other.  Shooting is achieved by pressing anywhere on the screen.

The story follows Toybot being kidnapped by Theifbot and its up to Spybot to steal him back, its that simple.

The 2D visuals are great, with bright colours, polished graphics and lots of variety.  As with most popular platform games there are ledges to fall off, lifts, springs, wind and more to navigate through the levels which all differ in look and feel.

There is lot to collect and the cargo hold shows off all you’ve collected but the icons are so small you are not really sure what you got in the first place.  All you can do is look at your collection from afar and gve yourself a pat on the back.

The main issue I have with this game is the controls as they can sometimes stick, be unresponsive and because of this it just stops it from reaching its full potential.  I had high hopes for this game as the videos online made it look like a real contender for top iphone platformer.

Overall, this is a great little pick up and play game that will stay on your device for some time.  You will enjoy its look its simplicity and its learning curve but as for re-playability, I don’t know.  If you see it for £0.99 or $0.59, go for it and treat yourself as its cute, entertaining and is one of the better platform games n the device.

Looks:     Great visuals, smooth animations and a great cartoon style
Controls: The main let down
Sounds:   Funky and Happy soundtrack with all the bells and whistles
Overall:   Great little game that is worth the cost, slightly let down by sticky controls/


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