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Published on October 2nd, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Toy Copter – Review

Who doesn’t love those remote control toy helicopters we used to fly as children (and possibly as adults) around the house or the backyard?  I thought they were great.  Thanks to Toy Copter, you don’t even need the hardware anymore.

The objective of the game is to fly around the room finding little toy soldiers.  You grab them by lowering a hook and take them to their “base”, earning points each time this is done.  This can also be done competitively with other users via a server or WiFi connection.Toy_Copter

In the game, you are trapped in a single room, and although this is a good first version, future generations of this game would be best served by being in multiple environments both inside and out.  The 3D graphics and motion are good, but the creator would also be better served by hiring a designer to make more interesting places to fly around.


I’m not sure if this is the case with actual toy copters, but the user has to keep a button depressed in order to keep the copter flying.  Without a finger continuously on the button, the copter drifts to the ground.  I find it somewhat annoying to do.  If you’re more ambidextrously coordinated than I (and that would not be hard), you would probably rock at this game.

The game is okay, but not great.  The concept is good but could really benefit from more of a graphic designer’s input.

Quick Take

Value: A little, but not much
Would I Buy Again: Probably not.
Learning Curve: Low
Who Is It For: Those who like first-person flying games
What I Like: Good 3D graphics and movement
What I Don’t: Visually not very interesting.

Final Statement: Might be worth a try in future generations of the app

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