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Published on October 5th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Alive 4 Ever Review


Alive 4 ever starts with you choosing one of four playable characters who must survive the zombie horde that surrounds them.  Each character has differing abilities, weapons and statistics but thatnks to a great RPG system you can level p, buy weapons, and upgrade yourself so it balances all the characters out in the end.

Each level has you completing various tasks from clearing out rooms to saving survivors.  After completion you are awarded experience points and money.  There are around 30 levels in total and you wll find yourself working quickly to clear zombies, save people, pick up items and vaccines and guard duty.  The survivors are slow and cumbersome and love getting eaten giving the save a steep learning curve.

There is also a few boss levels with massive Zombies or other weird and wonderful creatures which have special attacks to keep you reaching your all important goals.

The controls are the standard top down virtual control pads which are very similar to iDracula and Minigore and the left control moves you and the right fires your weapon.  Additional controls such as a reload button and a pick up button are easy to get used to.


The graphics in the game are excellent.  The zombies are highly detailed and the blood splatter when shots are fired really give this game a sense of atmosphere. Each option screen, stats screen and shop all fit the screen well with everything easily readable and accessible. The sound too is dark, gloomy and really help to give this game a polished and complete feel.

At the moment the game is only 99p so it is amazing value as this really is a complete game which you can get lost in and reply for extra bonuses.  An added advantage of the game is a bluetooth multiplayer option which works great but we didn’t have chance to try it before this review went out.  If you like shooters, zombies, iDracula or Minigore you will absolutely love this game.

alive4ever3Looks:     Superb graphics with polished Manga style character screens
Controls: Traditional Top Down controls which work well for this type off game
Sound:    Atmospheric music, gloomy sounds and excellent gun effects
Overall:   Highly recommended as this really is a FULL game with additional features in the pipeline.

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