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Published on October 21st, 2009 | by Ian


Get ready for Halloween with iPossessed


With Halloween approaching, now would be a good time to review an app or two whose sole purpose is to scare the crap out of people.  iPossessed is one of those apps.

The concept behind iPossessed is that you have an iPhone or iPod Touch that is possessed by the Devil.  It makes scary noises and a blood-red pentagram appears on the screen once the program is started.  If you own an iPhone, the device vibrates uncontrollably.

To use the app effectively, you leave your iPhone on a table with friends or hand it to a friend.  You can set a timer to start the program after a set number of seconds.  Through the same options, you can choose to use the pentagram background or turn on or off certain sounds.  Then you leave the vicinity and let the fun begin.

I have one or two problems with the app.  There should be more background options and more sounds that come with it.  Perhaps the developers can add those in a future release.  Why not have a background that is identical to the iPhone or iPod Touch background but uses animation to drip blood?  Also, you can’t deactivate the image and sounds once they begin without stopping the application.

If you’re a practical joker, then this app is virtually a must-have.  It’s cheaper and more reusable than a whoopee cushion.

Quick Take

Value: Medium

Would I Buy Again: Quite possibly

Learning Curve: Low

Who Is It For: Practical jokers.

What I Like: Scary sound effects and image.

What I Don’t: Lack of image and sound choices. Can’t stop sounds without stopping app.

Final Statement: Good for practical jokers.

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