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Published on August 27th, 2010 | by gaffer


Review: Fat Booth & Aging Booth

Ok, so I know these have been out for SO long but I had resisted the temptation to get these apps as we at apptrawler tend to lean towards gaming and not entertainment apps.  Well recently I told the team I was joining the gym as healthy body, healthy mind and all that jazz; and someone suggested putting up a fatbooth picture of myself on my device to make sure I keep going. And thats where it started.

The fatbooth app itself does one thing, you take a photo of yourself, line up the eyes, mouth and chin and the software does the rest.  The visuals actually come out really well and it great for a few laughs.  After everyone in the office was done, this spread to a sunday afternoon when the family was round.

This is a simple and amusing app that will break the ice, give you a quick laugh and the feature to email the photos is a great touch.  I can see this coming out at parties (in the wee small hours of course) and family get togethers.  A fun little app that maybe limited in terms of extra features but great for a quick laugh.

At the aforementioned family gathering, the family were so bowled over by the fatbooth app (they don’t get out much) that they instantly wanted other booths to see themselves all photoshopped.  With this we got the Aging Booth straight after and went around the family adding 20-30 years.  As with the fat booth you take a photo of the victim and they software adds wrinkles, age spots and tireness.  Personally I didn’t find it as funny as the fat booth but some of the other family members did.  So both apps got the thumbs up and would be great if gatherings go a bit quiet.

If you have 59p to spare then this is a lot better than some of the tripe currently circulating.  A funny pair of apps that are great at social occasions.


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