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Published on October 14th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review: Texas Wuggle


The odds are against you when it comes to avoiding the poker sensation. Entire TV channels are dedicated to it, and the App Store is bursting at the sides with all the related games. You can’t even go ten minutes without some sort of advert trying to get you to gamble away your hard earned dosh.

So it’s really rather refreshing when something different is dealt onto the App Store card table. Texas Wuggle, the latest offering from developer 4J Studios, will hopefully be just that.

Best described as the child of its poker father and Scrabble mother, Texas Wuggle blends both games into one neat, bizarrely named iPhone package. You start by hustling in back alleys and smoky diners, with the intention of building up your winnings to gain entry to the millionaire’s club in Las Vegas and the high-roller life.

Included are two modes: Spree (ten hands are given, become a millionaire), and Survivor (a race against the clock). More than enough to keep you busy.

Frank Arnot at 4J Studios tells us the app “…delivers a fast-paced spin on the typically slow game of poker. Fans of real poker will find that their knowledge of the cards will be tested here, but newcomers can take advantage of our handy hints to learn the ropes. Hustler or beginner, you will get a real kick out of Texas Wuggle.”

Fans of either Scrabble or poker may need to check this one out, assuming you haven’t already gambled away your iPhone. It’s available now for 59p



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