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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Bathroom Popper – Simple Game For Toddlers

Bubble Popper is a sweet, simple and harmless game for iPhone. Ideal for small toddlers, Bubble Popper is exactly what it says on the tin; you tap the screen to pop rising bubbles whilst enjoying a hot bath. The bubbles start off cripplingly slow but pick up pace as the game progresses. The high scores are logged within the app and also on Gamecenter.

The game also features a rubber duck mode where it all goes a bit ‘Disco’ and the rising bubbles are replaced with, you guessed it, rubber ducks.

Although young gamers might enjoy this for a while, it’s not for older gamers and if I had to offer one constructive critism it would be to increase the font size of the text as it might be fine on iPad but on a smaller iPhone screen it is too small to read.

Overall, this is a sweet game but with limited appeal but if you have small children it is well worth downloading the free version to see of they like it. If so, you can remove the adverts for a minimal cost.

itunes link:

From the Developer:


Experience the ultimate bubble tapping experience in Bathroom Popper FREE! Endless gameplay in the hunt for the highest score. The game is filled with light-hearted humor and beautiful graphics with intuitive controls made for your iPhone.

This is the ultimate bubble popper for the iPhone!


Tap the bubbles that rise from your bathtub. Don’t miss a bubble, for you will lose the game! In tight spots, shake your iPhone sideways to stop the bubbles for few seconds.


– Beautiful graphics!
– Bathroom songs from the mouth of a pro bathroom singer!
– Taptaptaptappititap!
– Languages in finnish and in english.
– Lots of easter eggs for you to discover!
– A possessed duck!
– Special mode, where you have to tap as many ducks as you can!
– Fun and entertaining gameplay for your whole family.
– Instructions.
– A great pickup and play game!

Discover the world of Bathroom Popper!

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