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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Review: SimpleNote – Note taking made simple

The Simplenote app lives up to its name. It is a simple to use note taking app for iPhone and iPad. The interface is clean, uncluttered and amazingly easy to use. In order to use you need to sign up for a Simplenote account on the website ( Once you are set up you take take notes until your hearts content and they are instantly saved in the cloud. This means that you have complete access to all your musings on multiple devices. The back ups are fast and the auto save function means you always have access to your latest version.

Notes can also be organized using the tags feature and once written your notes can be emailed, printed, and even turned into a web page, should you want to share your ideas, shopping lists, or meeting notes with the world.

Additional functions include the ability to read notes in a full screen mode, a word counter, and pin important notes to the top of your list, otherwise the notes are organized in a most recently edited order.

The free version does have advert support but it is so unobtrusive you barely register them and with a paid version at only $20 a years they can be easily removed.

The premium Simplenote account also syncs your memos to a Dropbox account as well as allows users to e-mail entries to your account. Couple this with an increase in backups from 10 to 30 versions of each note so you can trace your revision history and you have a solid app for any budding writer, blogger and general note taker.

As a blogger I find this app invaluable as it allows me to write ‘everything’ down, access it everywhere, keep an eye on my word count and then when I’m ready, post it on the blog.

In a sea of note taking apps this is by far our recommendation for the best app in its field.

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