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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Best Boat Racing Games to Play On-the-Go

Boat racing games are a dime a dozen, good boat racing games are much more expensive; more like a dollar a dozen. While sifting through the multitude of boat games that are available on Google play store, players may get a case of sea sickness. Rest easy, fellow gamer, I have sailed the seas and crossed the oceans. I have ridden in big boats and tiny boats just to deliver this list of the best boat racing games. So without further ado, let’s get wet from the ocean spray and check out these following games.


Sliding into port on your mobile devices is Boat Race, developed by Inviqa UK Ltd. This game will let players get a feel for how to row in a competitive college row boat. The game asks players to choose which team they wish to represent in this simulation and the rowing begins. Players will use the natural in and out rowing motion with their arms to beat their competitors. It is a very challenging game, sure to wear out the arms of most all who dare to row. Boat Race is free on the Google play store.


The next game to drop its anchor onto your mobile device is Boat Rush by Fabfunapps. This game is about controlling several boats across your screen, all the while, avoiding swimmers and other boats. The gameplay is very simple as players will stop the boats that are on the screen and speed them up with the touch of a finger. The game graphics are great for the price of free and the sound is not too bad. Boat Rush is a great way to waste away a lazy day. It is very addictive. Boat Rush is available on the Google play store.


Groaning its way onto this top boat racing games list is Speed Boat: Zombies. Like most of you, I was sold as soon as I saw the word Zombie. So what better way to mix up the water with some blood than to kill a herd of undead all from the relative safety of your speed boat? Players will use a virtual joystick to move the camera around. The cool thing about Speed Boat: Zombies is that the Zombies don’t even have to be in the water, as your boat can go across land to plow into one these walking piles of dead flesh. Players will also be able to man the mounted guns on the ship and blast those Zombies back into their watery graves.


Rounding out our list is Life Boat, developed by Smonte Ltd. In Life Boat, players have only one objective and that is to save as many lives as they can from a burning ship. Players will take their boat, rescue stranded passengers and drop them off safely at the dock. Players will then head back out and fill their boat up again. The gameplay is simple to pick up and most can play the game without any problems. Life Boat is free on the Google play store.

Now, what are you waiting for? Why are you still here? The tide is high and you should be heading over to the Google play store, now.

Article’s been contributed by a great boat racing fan who also administers Boat Arcade which is his own boat racing and parking website with online games.

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