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Published on January 18th, 2010 | by AppTrawler


Dark Nebula Arcade Marble Roller FREE This Weekend (US)

1337 Game Design has dropped the price of their fun ball roller Dark Nebula to free for the weekend. We reviewed this game back in October, and aside from the rather short campaign, there was a lot we loved about the game.

Dark Nebula is a tilt-controlled ball roller, but one that adopts an action/arcade vibe rather than the more tedious precision work found in many others. In fact, it feels so different, I’d hesitate to put it in the same genre. The game proceeds across 10 levels of action-packed gaming. Each level is very well designed with a variety of obstacles introduced along the way. Your tasks include the avoiding of spikes, triggering switches, avoiding laser fire, and more. The game has since been updated with calibration options, expert difficulty and global leaderboards.

We suspect they are gearing up for the next installment of levels, but you should definitely pick it up while its free this weekend.

App Store Link: Dark Nebula, Free (This Weekend)

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