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Published on April 29th, 2010 | by Ian


Exclusive Preview: Quizicards – The Only Quiz App You’ll ever need

AppTrawler has been given the exclusive preview of upcoming quiz app Quizicards. A slick and good looking quiz app that comes with 1000 questions, however what really interested us is the ability to create and share quizzes for FREE.  The developers have shown us a huge list of quizzes already online for you to download including a huge range of topics including, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Spanish Words, Wines of the World and even Key stage 2 Science.

Developer notes:


Quizicards is an iphone application which turns the room into a quiz show. The application has two sides, the quizmaster and the contestant; the quizmaster can ask various questions to the audience turning any dinner party, gathering or bored moment into a fun packed quiz.  The app has loads of questions split into ‘general knowledge’ ‘categories’ and specialist subjects’ which means the game type can vary.  They can either choose ‘individuals’ or ‘multiple’ contestants which also changes the game type.


How it works
On load, the user will choose the game type and the amount of players and then the quizmaster will will show the user a pack of quiz cards with the questions and answers on. There will also be a timer for each question.  quizmaster will change cards by running their left or right thumb over the side of the screen (as if putting a card to the back of the pack). When a round is over the app tots up the players score and adds it to a table.  This repeats for the various contestants until the 1, 3, 5 rounds have been exhausted.


The contestant
If there are multiple iphone users playing the game they can also press the ‘contestant’ option which allows the users to choose a sound effect from various choices which will be assigned to their ‘answer button’.  The user can tap the screen to answer a question.


Create your own quizzes
Users can create their own quizzes, upload them to the site and download other peoples quizzes.


EARN $0.50 for each quiz uploaded (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Could this app make all the other quiz apps redundant? AppTrawler received a development build and the app looks easy to use and has a stack of options which might take time to get used to but it nice to be able to create a quiz to your own specifications.  If the quiz community get behind the app then we foresee this having a permanent position on our iphones.

The app has now been submitted to the App Store for review so we should have another update for you when its out.

In the meantime, check out this video:

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