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Published on October 10th, 2009 | by Ian


Meteor Blitz 0.99 Sale THIS WEEKEND



In case you don’t know… here’s the low down.


– Amazing graphics
– Lighting fast gameplay
– Super responsive controls
– No load times!

– 3 powerful upgradable weapons
– Gravity gun
– 6 stunning worlds
– Arcade and survival modes

– Autosave and instant resume
– Global online leaderboards
– Realtime in-game global ranking
– Original techno soundtrack -or- listen to your own music


Meteor Blitz has hurtled into the App Store to claim its place atop the mountain of dual-thumb shooters. With responsive controls that are unparalleled in the App Store, Meteor Blitz may well rival its progenitors, Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars.

Pilot your ship through worlds that will demand the utmost in reaction time and weapon use. With a plasma gun, flamethrower, and ice cannon at your disposal, plus the unique and indispensable gravity gun, gather rings and purchase upgrades to become a formidable threat to any wandering enemy in your range.

Compete in Arcade or Survival mode for the high score on our global leaderboard that updates in-game, in realtime.

Meteor Blitz is the new, first name in top-down, dual-thumb shooters!

Get it here!!

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