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Published on October 7th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Monster Trucks Nitro – Review


By Whatisoniphone

Given the sheer publicity that this app has gotten as of recent (featured on the iPod Touch commercial and all), it’s no surprise that it’s taken until now to finally review this one.  Actually maybe it’s not that much of a surprise given the sheer volume of apps now available.

One nice aspect Monster Trucks Nitro is that the controls are set up in a similar fashion to the controls found in a car.  By that I mean that there is an accelerator on the lower right side which you can tap with your thumb to accelerate and a brake on the lower left side for braking with your left thumb.  You can also tilt the device to the right or left to make the truck’s back or front go up and down.  Admittedly, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what advantage that gives to driving the truck.

The graphics and animation are excellent.  You can choose between three different truck styles (the more patriotic American types would undoubtedly choose the one draped in the style of the American flag).  As the players finishes different tracks under the allotted time, other racing tracks are unlocked for the gamers pleasure.

You can also pause the game by tapping the screen or change the game’s visual perspective by swiping the screen in a particular direction.  My only complaint is that tilting the device should actually steer the truck in different directions.  Perhaps that is the case on the later tracks.

While this particular type of game is not my cup of tea, it might give several hours entertainment, particularly for the reduced cost of $.99.

Quick Take

Value: Good
Would I Buy Again: Possibly.
Learning Curve: Medium.
Who Is It For: Monster truck and first-person driving lovers.
What I Like: The graphics.  The control set-up.
What I Don’t: Not my kind of game.  Tough to get used to the tilting mechanism.

Final Statement: For $.99, it’s worth a look.

Check it out in the App Store >>


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