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Published on October 24th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Quick Look Captain Binary, Mr. Bounce & Tap Fu

Captain Binary – Twin Bottles

Captain Binary has the sort of chin that only a superhero could carry. Not that he’s lacking in other necessary credentials, though relying on a gun for defence may be a bit of a taboo in his line of work.

Not that you should let that bother you as captain Binary is a wholesomely charming side-scrolling platform blaster with the sort of varied locales that are all to quickly heading towards extinction on the App Store. And just 59p, too – go on, it’s worth it just for the chin alone.

Mr. Bounce – Spaces of Play/Pixelate

Mr. Bounce has an immediately enticing, hip and retro style that suits its knowing gameplay alchemy perfectly. Part Block Breaker, part line-drawing game, part Tetris, Mr. Bounce isn’t big on new ideas, but the merging of some of pocket gaming’s most loved mechanics looks engaging and cleverly carried off.

Expect this to be the best game you didn’t play in 2009 – unless you see sense and just stump up the mere 59p it costs to enjoy it.

Tap Fu – Neptune Interactive Inc.

The App Store is far from overrun with fighting games, so there’s plenty of room for new contenders, especially when they are fighting as fit as Tap Fu.

Adopting a gorgeous cel-shaded look as well as motifs that any Streets of Rage or Street Fighter II fan will feel at home with, Tap Fu is a straightforward slugfest, keeping the primal button mashing spirit of the fighting games of yesteryear very much intact. It’s rammed with modes, too, so well worth scraping 59p together for.

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