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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Review: Bloodflow

Help fix the pipe work in a vampire bar!

Bloodflow is a pipemania inspired puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad. Unlike its retro inspired predecessor that follows the exploits of a plumber trying to attach water pipes together, you are tasked with attaching blood filled pipes to keep the vampire bar up and running.

The gameplay is simple enough and players tap a square on a grid in order to place a tile (or section of pipe). The upcoming pipes are all displayed on the left so you can plan your strategy accordingly. Once a tile has been placed, you can not remove it, only rotate it in 90 degree intervals. After a few seconds the blood starts flowing and you have to ensure that the start pipe is connected to the end pipe. As the blood speeds up it all gets pretty intense.

As an added element to the game, Bloodflow also has various collectables around the levels such as keys and money for extra bonuses and achievements. This gives the player extra distraction and hardcore puzzle game fans will enjoy chasing those extras.

The graphics on Blowflow are cute, simple and lovely to look at. There is lots of little animations everywhere which make the game feel well considered. The sounds and music are funny and atmospheric with some cute voices that will definitely make you smile.

As for longevity, this is where the game comes into its own. The game generates random levels so you don’t have to play through the same levels again and again. Whilst the game lacks a full narrative and end goal it offers hours of gameplay as you collect the different items and gain achievements. The random level generation also means you can quickly pick up and play it and know you will get a new challenge.

Overall, this is a very slick game. It’s simple premise is executed very well and there is lots of puzzle action you keep you busy for hours. The finish is slick as the graphics and sound set the scene perfectly. It might not have the 3D sheen and neon explosions of more modern puzzlers but it oozes retro goodness and brings back memories of the many hours spent on pipemania. Personally, I prefered playing the upscaled iPad version over the iPhone as sometime my chubby digits lost prescision under pressure but either way, its a great puzzle game from Deep Blue Apps.

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