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Published on October 29th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review: Fling


Fling is an addictive puzzle game where the goal is to simply fling the “furballs” off the edge of the screen, leaving only one left at the end. With challenging levels, unique gameplay and a polished UI, this game is a definite winner in the app store.

The game includes three modes of play: free play, arcade and challenge. Arcade and challenge modes are time-based games, while free play allows you to take as much time as you want to solve each puzzle. Each one is unique, so you never play the same puzzle twice. You are presented with a 7×8 grid of squares in which different colored furballs are placed. In order to win, you must fling the furballs into each other to knock them off the screen. You can only fling them vertically and horizontally. Also, you can’t just fling a furball off the screen without it hitting another one. You also can’t fling a furball into another one that it is directly touching. There is only one way to solve each puzzle, and it gets harder as you progress through the game. At first, there are only three or four furballs to eliminate. The later levels include many more furballs, making it much more difficult to figure out the correct order to fling them. You really have to think ahead a few moves to figure out the correct solution.

Each level requires you to solve a predefined number of puzzles in order to advance. If you get stuck, there is a cheat button that will offer you a clue. However, using this cheat will increase the number of puzzles you have to complete to win the level. In timed modes, the cheat will decrease the amount of time you have left to complete the puzzle. You can also use the undo button to go back one step at a time, all the way to the beginning of the puzzle if you need to. The automatic save feature allows you to quit the app and return to the game right where you left off.


One of the few problems with this game is the lack of puzzle environments. You always solve puzzles with a green grass background. It would be nice to have different scenery for each level, or the ability to customize the background with your own images. However, the furballs themselves are nicely rendered and animated beautifully. They blink, roll across the screen and bounce off each other. This, coupled with fantastic music and sound effects, creates a unique and immersive environment. Simply stated, the app is just pretty.

At times, the game may become frustrating, as some puzzles are very difficult to figure out, even on easy. There are three difficulty levels to play in, with nineteen levels in each one. This, combined with three game modes, offers a ton of content to keep you occupied for a long time. There is just something about this game that is truly addicting. It’s definitely one of the most fun puzzle games I’ve played on the iPhone to date. I strongly recommend picking this one up.



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