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Published on November 13th, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Review: Nanoids

Space shoot-’em-ups may remind you older, nostalgic readers of the days where there was no saving or second chances. It didn’t matter how many times you dodged death by the skin of your teeth, there was no remorse when that stray bullet collided with your ship.

Game Over really was Game Over.

While many games have lost this unforgiving nature, and given in to the less hardy gamers amongst us, developer eBattallion’s Nanoids returns to that harsh nature of old, and it’s something we’re quite glad about.

From the looks of things, Nanoids has the staple of bullet dodging, boss destroying and soul crushing gameplay we have grown to love. The graphics are crisp, and appear to keep up with all that’s going on with a good degree of style.

The various weapons look suitably impressive, and should you fancy a change there are upgrades and different weapons to keep you and your spaceship happy.

Perhaps most important to fans of the series are the boss battles, and eBattallion promises them in ample abundance and size. Factor in a ‘save’ function that means you can return to a point later on, and it all sounds rather positive.

Okay, so saving isn’t as hardcore as in ‘ye olden days’, but it means you can pick-up and play Nanoids in short bursts, and progress through the game. Rest assured, though – it wont be an easy ride.

Nanoids is out now on the App Store for £1.79/$2.99. Saving the future has never been so accessable.

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