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Published on June 25th, 2021 | by AppTrawler


Top Side Hustle Ideas

We live in a time where there is nothing quite like an entrepreneurial spirit. A lot of us have full-time jobs yet still manage to make an extra bit of cash on the side, or others run businesses of their own full time. No matter what it is that you do or how you make the money, there are a whole host of reasons that you want to earn a bit of your own cash. Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps a wedding, a big birthday or you are saving for a mortgage? No matter what it is, if you are looking for easy ways to make money that you can add to your savings pot, we have put together some great side hustle ideas. These should help you to hit your goal in no time. Here are some top side hustle ideas.

Startup a blog on the side

If you have a business or are just looking to get your thoughts on paper, a blog is a perfect way to make a bit of extra money on the side. There are many ways that you can make extra money from blogging, it just takes time to research and ensure you are doing the right things. One of the most popular ways is through affiliate links, where for everyone that makes a sale through your link, you will get a cut of this. You can also get paid for things such as sponsored posts, sponsored articles, or taking photos of other businesses and write about them to give them coverage.

Play games

While this one might sound too good to be true, playing games online is a great way to make that extra bit of money when you need it the most. There are a host of ways that you can make money this way, so ensure you do your research to find the most legitimate source. You could try looking up live casino bonuses which mean that you don’t initially have to part with any money to take part in casino games. You could also set yourself a limit that means you don’t go over the top and try to make back a profit from what you spend. This is a great way to make money as you can do it in the evening and it is a pastime as well as a money earner. Be sure not to get too hooked on certain games as they can be very addictive!

Sell old items online

While rifling through your old items in order to have a clean out can seem like a chore, when it turns out you can sell these unwanted items for cash, it is a lot more appealing! There are many sites online that will take your second-hand items, including eBay, Depop and many others. Think carefully about what it is that you want to sell and the best places for you to do this. If you are selling clothes then Depop is likely your best bet, whereas if you were looking to get rid of old electronics or other random items then eBay is much likely to be better suited for this. Why not have a mass clearance in order to sell your old things? Not only is this great for helping you to clear your mind, but you will also find that you have a lot more new space in your home and have made some good money at the same time – it’s a win-win situation!


Look into how to utilize your skills

Your skills are what can help you make money, so think about the ones that you excel at the most and utilise these. If you are quite academic there are a number of sites that you can sign up to which will enable you to teach future potential students at school or college. You will get paid for this and not only will it boost your bank balance, but you will also know that you are making a positive impact on someone else’s life which is a great thing to have. As well as tutoring, you could also run workshops, masterclasses and virtual meet ups that enable you to network, improve and impart your wisdom.

Sell your photography

If you are a photographer, it is likely that you have hundreds (if not thousands) of photos stashed on your computer that you love but aren’t quite sure what to do with. If this is the case, it is a good idea to look into selling your photography. One of the best ways to do this is through a stock photo site as they are always looking for contributors to submit their photos and will pay you each time that your image is downloaded. This is a much better way to showcase your work than having it sitting on an old memory stick or memory card in your cupboard gathering dust! There is a good amount of money to be made from your photography, just ensure that you have strong collections that work well together and that you are prepared for the costs that photography might incur. You could also look to make prints of your photos on the side and sell this for a high price. This might be harder to execute as it cuts out the middleman in most cases, but you can reap great rewards from selling your art.

These are just a few simple ways that you can have a side hustle and make some extra cash. Side hustles are great as they are simple to execute, don’t require high levels of maintenance and can earn you a good amount of extra money. Make sure that you do your research before starting up a side hustle and ensure you have enough time to commit to it. As long as you are abiding to these you should have the best chance of success. What other side hustles have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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