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Android apps for alcoholics

Published on August 5th, 2015 | by AppTrawler


3 Apps That Will Help You Give Up Drinking For Good

It can be hard to kick an addiction that is as strong as needing alcohol. You may have tried everything from replacing it with something else to going cold turkey and nothing has worked. But we bet you never thought that the answer to your problem might be something you carry around with you every day. A little piece of technology that we check one-hundred-and-ten times a day. Did you ever consider the answer was on your phone? Well, it is and here are the three best apps you can use to prove it.


Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson

As with any addiction, alcohol is often used as a coping mechanism. The biggest thing we need to cope with in our lives is stress and anxiety. So, if you want to beat alcohol addiction you may need to find another way to cope with your stress. Many people do this through exercise, but others try calming techniques. Andrew Johnson is a professional at beating life’s anxieties. Through a series of techniques, he has taught hundreds of people how to cope with the issues in their lives. Now, you can get his treatment therapy on your phone and use it to beat your need for a drink at the end of the day


Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction

When it comes to their time in need, many people resort to depending on their faith and this is no bad thing. If you have a strong belief in a higher power we guarantee, at the very least psychologically, it can help you beat life challenges. This is because believing there is something else in charge of your fate takes the issue of blaming yourself away. You are also working towards reaching a better place. This app will help because you can find bible scriptures that will help you on your journey to sobriety. If you have friends who are going through the same issues, you can also share text that has helped you on any given day. This app may get you to the point where you are ready to seek help from one of the alcohol treatment centres for women or men.


Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker

Often the first step in reaching a level of complete sobriety is cutting back. But, it can be difficult to do this because first you have to establish how much is too much. To do this, you need to keep track of what you are tracking each day, month and year. On this app you can do this but more important also set a goal and then try to match it. You can even get a rough estimation of how sober you are and how much alcohol is in your blood based on how much you have been drinking. It can be a real eye opener.

So there you have it, three apps that you can use to beat alcohol addiction. But they are not the only ones, and there are many more you can use to help.

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