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Android astro-file-manager

Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Alyisa Jules


5 Best Android Data Transfer Apps

Given the higher frequency of our interaction with devices and phones, there is strong case for smarter mode to transfer data. Be at office or in social circles there is always some information, file, picture, or even video that you need to get across to your device or from yours to that of others. Often the process gets so complicated that you lose your mind researching ways to retrieve, export or import significant data across phone, tablets and clouds. To make matters simpler and less stressful there is wide range of android powered apps from the Google play store to aid in this journey of the data.


Astro file manager

This is one of the widely used app used to transfer as well as mange files, pictures, music, videos, documents across devices or clouds like that of Facebook, Dropbox, Google drive, Skydrive , etc. without the use of USB cables or wire connections. It comes with a dynamic search technology that can conduct explicit search actions across locations as per specifications. It is also powered with its unique cloud hopping feature that you can use to move files from one cloud to another in a single move without any necessity to download them before transferring to your target cloud location.


ES File explorer files manager

One of the most popular Android app and also a long running overall player for file management, the ES File explorer file manager is available in both paid as well as free avatars. The app allows Android users, irrespective of their location, to manage, peruse or access all of the available files from your mobile device, and share them with others free of cost. It supports Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3 etc. You can also use it to access your home PC through 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi.

WiFi file transfer

This Android app, designed by the team of smarter Droid, supports file transfer over wireless connection from phones or tablet without any USB cable connection. It has an effortless file manager interface and can transfer multiple files at one go. It also offers easy access to external SD cards and USB external devices. All it requires is that the two devices t involved in transfer belongs to the same LAN or WLAN network.

Data Sync

Data Sync, as its name implies, allows for effortless synchronizing between multiple Android powered devices. It is principally designed to connect through Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth but can as well synchronize to your cloud or to your other devices in their absence too.


Without using Wi-fi or cloud access, WiFly is designed to transfer or fly files of all types like apps, documents, pictures, music, game data, videos etc., from one device to other provided both share the same local area network. Additionally it supports multiple file transfers through easy drag and drop in the WiFly interface, transferred files can be opened by using any android app available on the device. You can download full files to your PC, or browse through downloaded files and folders directly on your mobiles without any need for additional supportive applications.


Easy migration of files from one device to another is a very needful concept in the present scenario. Given this necessity, android players and designers are working round the clock on easier and more relevant apps with wider features. So a regular check on the Android store will keep you abreast with the new developments and help you locate the perfect one that fulfills your specific requirements better and more precisely. You can always try out the free trial versions to get a better feel around the software before you invest your penny on it.

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