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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by John Walker


A Safe App for All: Travel Safe

My safety is of utmost importance to my family. Until recently, my mother kept fretting until I reached home. Luckily enough (for her and me offcourse), I came across this amazing app- Travel safe. Designed by Appheros in 2013, Travel Safe is a smartphone app available both on Apple and Android devices. It uses the location technology in smartphone and combines it with database of more than 200 countries.

To start up, a few minutes are required to set up permanent safety information and the rest is filled based on your location (in times of crisis), and extensive database of national and international emergency service details. Once added, your information remains safe and ready for use as and when you need, regardless of the presence of an internet connection at that place. The application provides the local telephone numbers of the emergency services anywhere in the world. This also facilitates personalization- personal contacts like friends and families, vital country specific numbers for instance the local Embassy, Hotel or Hospital.

The Best thing about this application is that emergency calls and texts can be sent anywhere in the world to your closest family members, your doctor or your friend in seconds. The app is specially made for use by travelers of all ages at home or on travel abroad. Concerned parents, the elderly, and anyone who is in need to contact agencies quickly in case of an emergency can benefit from this as in such crisis it is important to reach out to the information you want quickly. And what more can you ask for-all this can be done from a single screen and with just one finger-tap. Wow! I love it! What are waiting for, then? Go and install it right now and stay safe forever.


About the Author

John Walker is a freelance writer by profession and Technology-enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to Technology, and these days he is passionately writing reviews on android and iOS mobile apps development services. He loves to read about the changing technology trends and reviews them.

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