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Published on October 31st, 2009 | by AppTrawler


Halloween Special – Review: MonsterKill


Happy Halloween fellow AppTrawlers!

Aptly we are overrun with monsters today in the form of the new game by Origin8, creator of BioSub, Sentinel and Poker Buddy. MonsterKill is a tower defense game with a monster twist.  The aim of the game is to protect your gate from the rampaging hordes of classic horror types such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and the mummy.  In your arsenal of weapons are a series of spells which are cast by motioning different patterns on the screen.

The spells:

  • Slice and dice them by motioning the finger left to right
  • Summon lightning by drawing a ‘Z’ on the screen
  • Reign down fireballs with a ‘V’ action
  • Freeze them with an inverted ‘V’

The graphics are lovely and the game has a well thought out and polished feel, each of the characters move very well and the premise of the game is simple and enjoyable.  The shop feature allows you to repair and upgrade your gate or wall and improve your spells.  The sound effects are fitting, funny and even a bit catchy.

There are three game modes which include:

  • Normal: Work through the levels upgrading your abilities and defences
  • Endless: Same as normal but with no level limit… it just keeps going!
  • onslaught: The player is given 20 tokens to stock up and you have to fend off 101 monsters that attack


The only niggly problem i found was that the controls can be a little un-responsive sometimes and whilst trying to do a lighting bolt they get hit by an ice block.  However this only really happened at the craziest moments when overrun by the enemy.

Overall, the game is extremely well realised and you can tell a lot of thought and love has gone into the game.  The graphics and sounds are great and the control method, despite being un-responsive at times is new to the device and genre and adds a refreshing twist.  If you are looking for a halloween related game, you can’t go wrong with this one.  The price is great at the moment so snap it up before it goes up.

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