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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Plague Inc

Sometimes mobile games don’t have the best staying power. They are built, after all, to entertain for short periods of time. And because they can be repetitive, they become brief fixations before you find yourself deleting them from your phone a month or two later. But one game that has serious staying power and a lot of gameplay in it is Plague Inc. For anyone who has ever wanted to annihilate every human on the planet with an infectious disease, this game is for you.

Plague Inc. is a strategy game where the goal is to infect and wipe out every human being on the planet. You must do so before a cure is created and administered. You can choose from only one disease when you start out, bacteria. Once you beat the game with bacteria, you can unlock others; virus, fungus and parasite are just a couple, all of which spread differently and provide different challenges to the player.


The game works from a top down view of the world; you name your disease (providing endless, hilarious possibilities) and then tap a country to infect someone. Choosing your starting country is the first major important decision, and depending on the type of disease, your choice will change. From there, you gain DNA points you can use to manipulate your disease.

You do this a variety of ways; you can influence how it transmits, whether by air, sea, injection or even insects. You can also choose its symptoms, which also have the ability to mutate on their own. Sometimes, you’ll want to de-evolve these symptoms to keep your disease under wraps. Other times, you’ll embrace them so they can kill off thousands.

Lastly, each type of disease can be manipulated to resist research as well as added benefits that change depending on the type you are working with. It creates a huge dynamic in the game, as each one needs a very different strategy to beat. And even if you get through them all, brutal mode will up the challenge even more.

Plague Inc has won a ton of accolades and it is easy to see why. It’s easily one of the most infectious, pun intended, mobile games available. You can get Plague Inc on both Android and iPhone.



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