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Android orbital puzzle game

Published on May 14th, 2013 | by AppTrawler


Windows Phone Review: Orbital Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are a fantastic way to alleviate the boredom you sometimes find yourself stuck in. Whether you are sat on a bus, stuck in a queue or inexplicably trapped in a garden shed or cupboard (don’t ask) you can always rely on a good puzzle to pass the time.


Breakout your glow sticks

Orbital is the Geometry Wars of breakout games, with vivid glowing neon colors, simple lined graphics and particle effects galore. This game appears on the surface, to be really simple to play, the player uses a trajectory cannon to fire balls onto the play area. Once settled in their final resting place they expand until they touch a surface, be it either the sides of the game area or another orb. These orbs of varying sizes each start with a number on and count down with each ‘bounce’ from other orb, until finally exploding into a pixelated flurry when reaching zero. Once the orb falls below the firing line, or you find yourself penned in the game is over. There are three fantastic game modes to choose from; the standard is the Supernova mode mentioned above, Gravity mode; which adds a moving cannon as well as giving the orbs their own gravitational field and finally, there is the pure mode that is essentially Gravity mode but without the gravity (a slight disappointment but still fun).

The game’s simplicity is its greatest feature as it is easy to boot up and kill a few minutes and I found it is now one of my top toilet games as it’s quick, easy to control with one hand and is different every time.

Sound wise, the game has some retro robot voices and a slew of upbeat techno tunes that all add to ambiance and style of a really solid puzzle game. This game is better than the screenshots convey and will be a worthy addition o any puzzle fans collection. For those that love games such as puzzle bobble and Geometry Wars you may have just found your next download…

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